Graffiti Days (Part 1)

Art can be really great; personalized art can be even better. So begins the chronicle of one not so little piece of art that I believe will be one of the most fulfilling things I have dealt with in the past few years…

There is a neat little store in downtown Lincoln known as the Black Market. This is the go to place for all things “hipster”  -or so I’ve heard. Anyways, while there last week for a shoe sale they had, my buddy Elliot and I noticed a neat little piece of art that happened to be awesome as hell. This piece was drawn that by a local artist known only as Norm that apparently is impossible to find. “She comes to me when she wants to sell stuff,” mentioned Jessie, the dude at the store.

Anyways, this piece was only $40 and was quickly swiped up by Elliot. Mind you, this piece is really long, longer than widescreen even. There is also a lot going on in the whole work. The point of the piece, though, was to be colored by whoever bought it as they saw fit. This is quite the undertaking. I mean, take a look at this thing:

Click for full-size.

Click for full-size.

Click for full-size.

That thing is so long, we had to take three pictures to capture it all! Rather than just run in blind without a plan, we decided to kick up Photoshop and use it to plan the color scheme. After some time, this is what we came up with:

Click for full-size

We actually started coloring it today, but I didn’t take a picture yet. I plan to for next time. Anyways, I’ll continue this story with my next post.


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